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Highland Show 2024

Renowned Cattle and Sheep Breeder, John Smith-Jackson took the reins at the Show this year, and if your sheep dog had as much eye, you would certainly say he was keen enough on his subject! Methodically John went through the four classes put in front of him with style and speed. First into the ring was the strong class of clipped geld hoggs. 

Jam Robinson from Carnforth took both spots at the top of the line up with 2 shearlings which were bred by the Marston’s at Millstone Moor. Standing third was Philip Elliott with a stylish hogg that was bred by The Reed family and originally bought from Hexham in 2022, Philip also stood 5th with a sheep from the same breeding. David Buck was 4th with a shearling bred by Samantha Fawcett, Skipton and another sheep from the same Fawcett pen stood in sixth.


1st prize geld Hogg from Jam Robinson going onto to become overall Mule Champion ( photo by Wayne Hutchinson)

The Mule ewe and two lamb class was a strong class and a credit to the exhibitors, when taking into consideration the need for three lives to be in show condition. Many of the Mule Ewes were previous entries at the show and this was the case for John Ackerley’s first prize ewe with two texel lambs which had been exhibited last year as a hogg and lamb. The Ewe was originally bred by the Collingwood’s at Amblingate in Weardale.  2nd place was Jam Robinson with a ewe that was bred by Martin Allan and sired by Martin’s M1 Smearsett. The lambs were sired by a texel tup.  Third place was David Buck with a five crop Mule Ewe that was bred by the Baimbridge’s at Dousgill and has been a regular attendee at the Highland in her showing career. 4th place was Edward Watts who, with the help of his essential side kick Nathan and his trusty Dad, showed this Mule Ewe and two texel lambs.

1st prize Ewe and two lambs from John Ackerley , This outfit went on to get Reserve Champion ( photo by Wayne Hutchinson )


The Hogg and lamb class was next and a magnificent entry of 10 outfits which were a fabulous advertisement of what the Mule hogg could really do. All with texel lambs at foot, with the exception of the duo from Julie Brough, Wigton.  It proved a tense showing time for the Jam Robinson who, after spending the bulk of the class in second place, was elevated to the top position at the last minute, to gain the first prize.  This was another sheep that was bred by Martin Allan and sired by his Harkerside Ram. The 2nd place was left to John Ackerley who once again had a sheep from Amblingate.  Jam Robinson stood third place with a hogg bred by the Marston’s. 4th Place was Philip Elliott with a Mule Hogg that had been bred by Kevin Barker, Arkholme. John Ackerley got into the prizes again to stand 5th with a mule hogg that was bought out of St Johns Chapel last backend from M/s C Hodgson and K Brooksbank, Hill House Farm, Westgate.  David Buck claimed 6th prize with a Hogg which was bought in Autumn of 2023 from Harwood Shield, Northumberland.


The much-awaited Mule Ewe lamb class saw the annual tussle between those bred from the Swaledale and those bred from the Hexham Type Northumberland Blackfaced sheep. It was the latter which came up trumps for the 2nd year. Hunters from the Steel took the top spot with a lamb sired by their R27 Midlock which they share with Martyn Archer, the tup had also come up trumps for Carry house as Martyn claimed 4th prize in this quality line up. Highland Show 2023 saw this Northumberland consortium get 1st and 2nd place with lambs sired by the same R27 Midlock.

1st Placed Mule Ewe Lamb from The Hunter Family, The Steel, (Photograph by Wayne Hutchinson)

Chloe James from Midtodhills stood second with a lamb which equalled its standing as that of Eastgate show a few weeks ago.  The lamb was bred from a Wintershield Swaledale ewe and sired by their stock ram  Gragareth P14 . Third place was Abbey and Gavin White’s lamb which was sired by S022 Hewgill which was Champion at the Penrith Leicester Sale last year and this would be one of the first lambs on the ground by this new sire.

5th place went to Martin Allan who, with partner, Sarah Emmott have returned to Highland Showing scene after several year, their prize lamb was sired by a Homebred tup which goes back to Reed’s H2 BFL.  This year has seen Martin and Sarah move to Knock Hall Farm but presently still have the 'Greenhow' Blue Faced Leicester prefix. The final prize in this class was awarded to M/s White from Horton in Ribblesdale once more with a lamb sired by their consistant stock Ram , Ribblesdale M2. It was Abbey and Gavin's first appearance with Sheep at The Highland and to get two rosettes in a strong entry of 16 Ewe lambs was quite an achievement.


The overall championship was won by Jam Robinson with the clipped Mule Hogg and was awarded the Jonty Lee Memorial Trophy awarded in person by his Son and Nemsa Mule enthusiast, Peter Lee. The Reserve Champion went to the Ackerley family with the Mule Ewe with two lambs at foot.

🏴󠁧󠁢Highland Show Results

Champion : Jam Robinson

Reserve Champion : John Ackerley

🐑Geld Mule Hogg Clipped

  1. J Robinson

  2. J Robinson

  3. P Elliott

  4. D & M Buck

  5. P Elliott

  6. D & M Buck

  7. E Watts


🐑Mule Ewe and two lambs

  1. J Ackerley

  2. J Robinson

  3. D & M Buck

  4. E Watts


🐑Mule Hogg with Lamb at Foot

1. J Robinson, Intack

2. J Ackerley

3. J Robinson

4. P Elliott

5. J Ackerley

6. D & M Buck


🐑Mule Ewe Lamb - Single

1. M/s Hunter , The Steel

2. M/s James, Todhills

3. M/s White, Ribblesdale

4. M/s Archer, Carry House

5. M/s Allan, Greenhow

6. M/s White, Ribblesdale

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