Hexham 2019 Mule Gimmer lambs pic.jpg

Ewes and Shearling Sales

2021 sales dates will be added shortly

Bentham 28th July 3000 Shearlings/Ewes
Leyburn 31st August 400 Shearlings/Ewes
Kendal 22nd August 5000 Shearlings/Ewes
Carlisle 7th August 1000 August Fair Breeding Ewes
Hawes 18th August 1000 Shearlings/Ewes
Lancaster 19th August 2500 Shearlings/Ewes
Carlisle 21st August 1000 2/3 Shearlings/Ewes
Kendal 22nd August 5000 Shearlings/Ewes
Skipton 25th August 4000 Shearlings
Bentham 29th August 7000 Shearlings/Ewes
Longtown 2nd September 2000 Shearlings/Ewes
Leyburn 4th September 2000 Shearlings
Cockermouth 4th September 5000 Shearlings/Ewes
Penrith 8th September 6000 Shearlings/Ewes
Scots Gap 9th September 800 Shearlings/Ewes
Carlisle 10th September 3000 Shearlings and 2/3 Sh
Wigton 12th September 2000 Shearlings/Ewes
Hexham 16th September 3500 Shearlings/Ewes
Skipton 29th September 4000 Shearlings/Ewes
Kendal 21st September 2000 Shearlings/Ewes
Bentham 25th September 3000 Shearlings/Ewes
Kirkby Stephen 25th September 1000 Shearlings/Ewes
Leyburn 25th September 750 Shearlings/Ewes
Skipton 13th October 1500 Shearlings/Ewes
Bentham 17th October 750 Shearlings/Ewes
Barnard Castle 10th September 1500 Shearlings/Ewes