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By branch chairman Mr P Dixon

I have just completed my second year as Chairman of Teesdale Branch and the past year has been better than the first year with winter and lambing time one of the best I can remember and the summer was not as dry with more grass about and lambs in much better condition.


We started the sales with Middleton in Teesdale on Wednesday 18th September. The sale average for 2700 lambs was £70,

down £2.90 on the year. The prize show for a pen of 10 lambs were as follows:

1st C&R Metcalf, Park House

2nd C Hodgson, Hill House West

3rd MW&E Dent, Wythes Hill

4th JE&AJ Mitchell, Parrick House

The following day Barnard Castle Auction Mart had their sale - the average was £95.15 for 4,300 lambs,

which was up £4.88 on the previous year - with:

1st J&SE Bainbridge & Sons, Dousgill

2nd C&R Metcalf

3rd MW&E Dent

4th JE&E Dobson & Son, White

I would like to thank all the sponsors for both sales and both Barnard Castle Auction Mart and Harrison and

Hetherington at Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart for all their hard work bringing the sales together.

Finally, to thank all customers who have purchased lambs from our sales this year.

Philip Dixon

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