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By branch chairman Frank Kitching

2019 thankfully saw a much needed and kinder season weather-wise for us all, helping towards producing

bigger and better lambs for the market.

Throughout the summer, Skipton Branch Committee members attended NSA North Sheep held locally at Frankland Farms, Rathmell, near Settle. I would again like to thank the Frankland family for supplying us with a Mule ewe with two Texel lambs at foot to exhibit on the stand.

Some members also travelled down to Burwarton show, where again we took another excellent example of the Mule ewe rearing twin lambs kindly provided by Angus Dean, of Threshfield. It is important to continue to make the effort to attend these shows as it is a great way to promote the breed and get speaking to existing and potential new NEMSA customers.

First Sale: Again at Skipton we had another successful first sale, when 6,929 lambs were sold with a sale average per head coming to £90.75, which was down £0.47p on the year. The top end and stronger tupping lambs had high demand and a sharp trade. Running lambs were a straight trade and in line to where they should be. The show was very well supported with a record number of pens well turned out. Thank you to Mr P Fox and Mrs C Mole for judging the pens of 10 and Mr J Putt and Mr C Harker for judging the pens of 20.

Pens of 10

1stJC Walker & Son, Dunsop Bridge

2nd JK Wilson & Son, Blubberhouses

3rdCD&RF Kitching, Threshfield

4th JC&N Throup, Draughton

5th GJ Walker, Dunsop Bridge

6th CM Ryder, Blubberhouses

Pens of 20

1st & 2nd JA&R Caton, Otterburn

3rdFA Caton, Weston

4th JK Wilson & Son

5th Ellis Bros, Addingham Moorside

6th JC Walker & Son

Second Sale: Lambs sold away nicely on the year while still being sensibly priced for all concerned. 6,470 lambs sold with the sale average per head £77.23 up £5.51 on the year. This sale saw a much better trade for running lambs with only 2 pens of lambs under £60 all day. Thank you to Mr J Towler and Mr T Binns for judging the pens of 10 and Mr D Hawley and Mr D Kettringham for judging the pens of 20.

Pens of 10

1st JK Wilson

2nd CD&RF Kitching

3rdKA& HL Fawcett, Barden

4th FA Caton

5th JM&S Tennant, Bordley

6th S&T Fawcett, Drebley

Pens of 20

1st & 3rd CD&RF Kitching

2nd &4th FA Caton

5th JK Wilson & Son

6th JR Lancaster, Bordley

Thanks to all our sponsors Carrs Billington, Armstrong Watson Accountants & Financial Advisors, Barclays Bank and NFU Mutual.

As a branch I would also like to thank all at CCM for their continual support. Thank you to all committee members for their hard work throughout the year, especially branch secretary Claire Mason for all the work she puts in behind the scenes. I would also like to thank Shearwell Data for the £250 voucher donation, which was won by JR Smith, of Carleton, this year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in the year ahead.

Frank Kitching

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