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By branch chairman Stephen Collingwood

As I write my first report on a cold wet January night, I can’t help thinking back to that nice spring, when we had grass to turn the ewes and lambs onto. There was grass aplenty throughout summer and lambs were on good form going in to the sales.

Hexham and Northern Marts held their Annual Sale of the Traditional “Tow Law” Mule Gimmer Lambs on behalf of the Weardale Branch of NEMSA with a catalogue of 5,810. Our judges for the prize show were David and Michelle Buck, Quarry Grange, who expertly judged and had eight outstanding pens to pick their champion ten lambs.

Our sale season started with the ‘Tow Law’ Sale at Hexham Auction Mart. A similar trade to last year with

more lambs forward, running lambs were easier to sell. Sale average £83.23

Show Results

Pens of 10

1st GW Robinson Perpetual Rose Bowl - WM Reed & Sons, Lands Farm

2nd J Lee & Sons, Agars Hill

3rd R&MJ Lee, Harwood Shield

4th A Collingwood & Sons, Ambling Gate

Runs of 100

1st and The William Reed Perpetual Trophy - WJ Scott Ltd, Low Leam

2nd WM Reed & Sons

3rd R&MJ Lee

The following day was our sale at St Johns Chapel. Again an increased entry met a similar trade on the year averaging £81.15.

Pens of 10

1st WM Reed & Sons

2nd C Hodgson, Hill House

3rd M&B Coulthard, Bridge End

4th JM Robinson, Lin Riggs

Runs of 100

1st & Lee Jameson Memorial Trophy - C Hodgson

2nd M&B Coulthard

3rd Crooks Altar Farming

We would like to thank our judges, Julie Brough, Geoff Carrick and John Bell (Tow Law Sale) and Sarah Brockbank, Edwin Holliday,

Philip and Anthony Walker (St Johns Chapel) for their time and expert opinion. Also thanks to Hexham Auction Mart and Barnard Castle Auction Mart Auctioneers and Staff for their continued hard work and support of our sales.

Congratulations must go to John and Barbara Reed and Family, Lands Farm for producing the winning lambs at both

centres and also the ‘Alston Moor Day’ at Lazonby.

I would like to wish you all a Happy Lambing and hope the weather, and Brexit, are kind.

Stephen Collingwood

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