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By Will Sedgley

As I write this I have finished my three year term as Hawes Branch Chairman. I have really enjoyed my time and have met and made lifelong friends with many people in our industry. It has left me feeling very positive for the future of the breed.

2019 has, as usual, had its ups and downs but did however start with a fantastic spring making lambing a pleasure and resulting in plenty of strong healthy lambs. Summer was growey and a lot of good forage was made with sheep going into winter in excellent condition.

I have attended and judged at many shows this summer and I must congratulate the members for the excellent quality of the stock

on show; it improves year on year. The pride that is shown when exhibiting the Mule gimmers is tremendous and I am confident that the breed is in good hands for the future.

Huge congratulations and thanks to all exhibitors and breeders for their efforts to show and promote the breed.

Now to the sales starting with

Hawes Shearlings on 20th August. Average £139 up £2

1st & 3rdJR&LA Capstick

2nd S Yates


Bentham Shearlings. Average £127.15 up 40p.

1st Brian Lawson

2nd & 3rd Chris Hewitt

4th  DW&DM Elliott

5th Fox Farms

Leyburn Shearlings. Average £140 up £19

1st Raymond & Robert Johnson

2nd Lowesby Farms

3rd Hannah Brown

4th Tom Anderson


Bentham Gimmer Lambs. Average NEMSA lambs £77.27 up 48p. Non NEMSA £64.81

1st WA&A Booth

2nd S&T Fawcett

3rd W&GJ Huck

4th J Garth & Sons

5th J Huddleston


Hawes Gimmer Lambs on Monday 16th September

1st and Best in Hawes Branch Cup – W&D Lawson

2nd S Allan & Sons

3rd G&HR Shields

4th J. Pedley

5th C&. Metcalfe

Tuesday 17th September. Total forward 23,459. Average £80.38 up £1.32

1st Messrs Lord

2nd WA&A Booth

3rd JA&R Caton

4th S&T Fawcett

5th GP Taylor & Son

6th R&PE Hargreaves

Best in Hawes Branch Trophy – W. Porter & Son

Leyburn Gimmer Lambs. Average £82.30 down £1

1st Bainbridge Bros.

2nd R Wallis & Sons

3rd David & Tim Brown

4th R Tiplady & Sons

Hawes Branch NEMSA Trophy for best run of lambs was won by Robert Wallis & Sons for the third year in a row.

I felt the backend sales were disappointing considering how favourable the conditions had been over the summer but undoubtedly the uncertainty in the industry had a negative effect. Hopefully this will change in the year to come.

We must focus on keeping the quality of the Mule at the highest standard.

As a branch we would like to thank the auction companies for marketing the lambs on our behalf.

Finally, I want to thank all the committee members for their support during the past three years and to Carol Moffat the Branch Secretary for all her hard work. Good luck to Tom Willoughby who is taking over the reins from me. I hope he gets as much out of the job as I have!

Will Sedgley

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