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Kilnsey Show 2023

The Sun certainly came out and shone on the beautiful Dales show of Kilnsey. After a drizzly start the heat certainly built up in and outside the show ring. The Mule classes were in the capable hands of local Breeder Kevin Wilson and Peter Fox who is part of the Fox Farm team based near Clitheroe who have made a very successful business out of buying Gimmer Lambs and reselling them as either Shearlings and one crops. They have already picked up awards this year form NWA J36 and Bentham with their 2 shear ewes.

Judges; Kevin Wilson and Peter Fox with the Champion Lamb

Pens of Six Gimmer Lambs

1st Prize Pen of 6 from JC Walker & Son

Dunsop Bridge’s Walker family took the prize for the best pen of six Gimmer lambs in the first open class. This stylish, matchy pen were sired by a combination of three tups, namely 2x Brennand N9 (Son of Toadhall M1) , 2x Brennand P10 (Son of Shitlington N18) & 2x West Biggins R8.

2nd Prize Pen of 6 from WC Porter & Son

2nd prize went to the Porter family at Riddings. 2 lambs were sired by ‘Spot On’ Riddings L36; 2 x Barnshangan R2; 1 x homebred tup (Son of Riddings N23); 1 x Riddings P22 (Son of Skeughdale N2)

3rd Prize Pen of 6 from WD Lawson & Son

3rd prize went to The Lawson Family from Ingleton. 2x P13 Gragereth; 2 x M3 Asby Hall; 1 x P16 Gragareth; 1 x Barnshangan R2 (Barnshangan R2 is a Highberries Golden Boy Son, jointly owned by The Porter family, Riddings, James Taylor & Themselves.)

4th Prize Pen of 6 from Gavin White - all sired by N1 Ribblesdale

Best Pair of Gimmer Lambs

1st Prize Pair from W & D Lawson & Son

The Pairs class was won by W & D Lawson with a combination of the 2nd prize single sired by Gragareth P13 and Barnshangan R2.

2nd Prize pair from JC Walker & Son, Dunsop Bridge

3rd Prize pair from The White Family

4th Prize Pair from WC Porter & Son, Riddings

The Class for the best Mule Gimmer Lamb

The single class was won by The Porter Family, Riddings with the same lamb that had won Penrith back in July, This was a Riddings P22 sired lamb. 2nd place was W & D Lawson with a lamb sired by P13 Gragareth ( which is a son of James Taylors Lunesdale Legacy which in turn goes back to Midlock G34), Third was The walker family from Dunsop Bridge with a lamb sired by Brennand N9 which was a son of The Myres family Toadhall M1. Fourth prize was awarded to the White family with the Gargrave Show Champion which was sired by N1 Ribblesdale. (Son of Midlock L27).

Kilnsey Show Results Judges - Mr K Wilson & Mr Fox Open Pen of 6 Gimmer Lambs 1. JC Walker & Son 2. WC Porter & Son 3. WD Lawson & Son 4. Gavin White

Open Best Pair of Gimmer Lambs 1. WD Lawson & Son 2 JC Walker & Son 3. Gavin White 4. WC Porter & Son 5. CT & JE Willoughby

Open Best Single Mule Gimmer lamb 1. WC Porter & Son 2. WD Lawson & Son 3. JC Walker & Son 4. Gavin White 5. WC Porter & Son

The Local Classes

Results for the local classes:

Local : Six Mule Gimmer Lambs 1st. F & V Brown 2nd. CD & RF Kitching 3rd. James Middleton

Local: Pair of Mule Gimmer Lambs 1st. F & V Brown 2nd. CD & RF Kitching 3rd. CD & RF Kitching

Local: Single Mule Gimmer Lamb 1st. F & V Brown 2nd. CD & RF Kitching 3rd. CD & RF Kitching

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